In between the villages of Agios Georgios Sylikou and Sylikou there is a chapel which is dedicated to Panagia Syrka.

Syrka used to be an old housing located near Agios Georgios and this is where the naming Panagia Syrka derived from. According to tradition and the senior residents of the village, in the past Syrka was a kingdom. The people living in the kingdom committed a lot of sins and Panagia (Virgin Mary) decided to destroy them. Her will was heard by Jesus Christ, Who tried to shut His Mother’s mouth with his hand. His effort (his left hand in front of Virgin Mary’s mouth) is depicted on the holy icon, whereas an inscription above the icon refers to the Mother of God.  

The chapel of Panagia Syrka is located approximately 1.5 km north of the village and it was built in 1897.

Mr Agathocles Ioanni Agathocleous, who has been acting as church commissioner in the village for many years now mentions that approximately 20 years ago Panagia Syrka cured a women who was suffering from cancer. The woman came from the occupied parts of Cyprus and is known to all the residents of the community.

Source: Costas Papageorgiou, “Virgin Mary of Cyprus, our own Virgin Mary” p89. (Original Greek Title: Panagia tis Kyprou, I diki mas Panagia).