The President and the members of the Community Council of Agios Georgios Sylikou that were elected during the municipal elections of 18/12/2016 are:
Full Name: Renos Papaneofytou (President)
Telephone: 99517233 / 25470297 (office)
E-mail: [email protected]
Full Name: Charalambos Mylona (Vice-President)
Telephone: 97681024
The members of the Community Council are:
Full Name: Giannakis Christofi
Telephone: 99638504
Full Name: Andreas Christ. Georgiou
Telephone: 99696192
Full Name: Despoina Charter
Telephone: 99530729
The personnel of the Community Council is:
Full Name: Despoina Neokle (Secretary)
Full Name: Costas Efstathiou (Worker)